Alexandru V. Simonescu

Software Craftsmanship and Android Development

Design patterns series

A simple and practical series about Design Paterrns. Examples are mostly written in Java.

In this simple and practical series about Design Patterns, I will go through all GoF (Gang of Four) patterns in a practical way.

Each patterns will have its unit testing specification, description, use cases, pros and cons and its code implementation.

Creational Patterns

These patterns mainly deal with the instantiation and creation process.

  • Singleton Pattern
  • Abstract Factory Pattern
  • Prototype Pattern
  • Factory Method Pattern
  • Builder Pattern

Structural Patterns

Here we focus on how objects and classes are associated or can be composed to make relatively large structures.

Behavioral Patterns

Algorithms and the assignment of the critical responsibilities among the objects. Patterns also focused on the communication between objects and classes.

  • Observer Pattern
  • Template Method Pattern
  • Command Pattern
  • Iterator Pattern
  • State Pattern
  • Mediator Pattern
  • Strategy Pattern
  • Chain of Responsibility Pattern
  • Visitor Pattern
  • Interpreter Pattern
  • Memento Pattern